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Tourist Boat Escape Tourist Boat Escape

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

whilst some puzzles are anjoyable, easy or even hard, there is no fun when the creator of the game adds a hard puzzle inside another hard puzzle inside another puzzle...

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The Rescue of Mermaids [Teaser] The Rescue of Mermaids [Teaser]

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Too hard to be enjoyable

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'DinoMelt' 'DinoMelt'

Rated 5 / 5 stars

where is the CLAY LOG? I'm searching everywhere for it, but I can't find it... If anything, can someone at least tell me in which zone is it?

Butzbo responds:

Check the map for open/unexplored places, somewhere around the depths of Plepur...

League of Pussy V.01 League of Pussy V.01

Rated 0 / 5 stars

So far I don't really see the point of this game.

The erotic scenes are dull and the game itself is way too easy so far. Plus, the "story" isn't interesting.

The Final Fantasy / RPG interface is cool and promising, but right now you are not using it to its full potential and if it continues like this, it seems it won't fulfill this potential.

I think the erotic scenes need a lot more work, and spice as well as other positions. Currently they are boring and the penis doesn't really resemble a penis. If you'd mix up some positions, zoom in add more stuff, it'd be much better... right now it is too vanilla. There is a ton of material you could use to base the erotic scenes on in order to make it more enjoyable and spicy and bring that feeling of wishing for more.

Also, the fights could be a little bit more challenging. I'm not talking about impossible stuff, but just enough to make us feel like we deserved the prize (the erotic scene that comes afterwards).

And I think the plot needs a little bit of a rework too... For example, Ahri says she is in the forest to seduce men... So why would we have to fight for her in the first place? After all it is of her interest to seduce the hero... I think it'd make more sense as if the hero were to... I don't know... free the girls from the reign of some evil villain and build a harem of girls that fall for him as he goes on the journey... Maybe take off the element of picking from the start which girls to visit and make a path to the player.

Make it in a way that the player will only get the next girl if he wins the battles over the previous one. And that along with a better plot would be great. Something in the lines of you going deeper and deeper in the "evil guy's" kingdom and freeing the girls as you go to face him off. Maybe not an evil guy's kingdom since you are basing this on League of Legends, but you could surely develop something along those lines inspired in the LoL universe.

Anyway, this is my review. I believe your game has potential, but I think you've not found a way to execute it's whole potential yet. Good luck

chaos00177 responds:

you bring up very good points. the story is fairly lacking simply because i did not think people cared about it in a hentai game but after reading your review ill be sure to work on it. ive already made ways to increase difficulty for future updates but simply did not add it in for this version since there was no way or reason to grind battles. as for the hentai scenes, i do plan to add more variety later but making them take a while to do. i wasnt sure how well detailed people wanted the dick so i made a more detailed version and just an outline. im impressed by such an insightful view and will defintitly take your feedback into consideration to make a game that reaches the potential you hope to see

The Ritual The Ritual

Rated 3 / 5 stars

the "TIME" puzzle was too vague and abiguous... Since there was already a clock scene from the laundry part it made me think I had to remember the clock time shown at that part and reset the game just to find out it had nothing to do with that.

Sakyubasu No Tatakai II Sakyubasu No Tatakai II

Rated 3 / 5 stars

The game is good, it resembles Final Fantasy Tactics in many aspects. But this game is UNNECESSARILY HARD. It is ok to make players GRIND on strategy and rpg games... But it is not ok to make players grind until MAX LEVEL EVA to beat the FIRST BOSS.

The game is good, the battles are nice, there are missions, runes, different equipment. This is all nice. But making the player grind to such extent to beat just the first boss takes away the fun of the game since we (players) will have to waste major time on a repetitive task to get the story to continue.

And locking us on this long cycle of grinding is really boring even with all the positive elements. Imagine being stuck in the first Megaman level for days or keep beating Lvl 2 Caterpies for a week before being able to face the first Gym Leader in Pokemon... Even though this is basicly the only flaw of the game (due to the other ones being small in comparison), this is kind of a major one.

I am a fan and I've played every game from you in Newgrounds, I hope I did not offend you with this review.

Mouse House Mouse House

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This is a promising game. It still lacks further refinement, such as making the movement smoother and fix the song looping on top of each other. But as to gameplay, it lacks chalenge. The game itself is too easy to beat and the cats pose no threat at all due to unlimited ammo, 1-hit kill and their totally predictable movement.

My suggestions are to add some random factors to their movements as well as a variety of enemies... Not to stretch too far from the mouse-cat theme, you could make so that different cat species have different powers, add a limit of ammo for each level (maybe) and nerf the thorns. Making the maze more difficult and having different kinds of cheese giving power-ups would also be a good idea.

This certainly has room for improvement, but for a first try it is a pretty decent job. Good luck on future projects.

Fate Machine 1.0 Fate Machine 1.0

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


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Pact Pact

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

This is rather the shell of a game to be worked on. The reason to that is the game is very predictable on the battle system and still slow paced enough. If you do a similar game decreasing the quantity of battle encounters (which makes the game kinda stressful), elaborate the characters a little more (their current class system have no effect on the joy of the game), include buffs and debuffs, allowing the enemies to use skills, and put a boss/miniboss every now and then... it should be a wonderful game.

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bear thieves bear thieves

Rated 5 / 5 stars